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One the more interesting things that we did next was our barnstorming campaign in and Sharing DASD? There is a moral to this story. Inc Masterpiece. And most recently, DB2. BASIS is designed to keep pace with your world of information, and, without the constraint of hardware dependence. But Foundyller also raised questions about the benchmarks released by DEC and its competitors.❿


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It is so resource efficient, it easily supports tens of thousands of users in the data base, with many hundreds concurrently on-line. Call for a free trial or more information. In Florida, call All rights reserved. To turn raw data into meaningful facts. To analyze, estimate, optimize, simulate. To produce custom reports and color graphs.

Whatever your information need, the SAS System delivers more from the data you store. Explore Your Data. Forecast sales and cash flow. Perform statistical analyses. Build financial and planning models. Create spreadsheets of unlimited size.

Schedule projects for best use of time and resources. Produce stacks of personalized letters. Generate calendars, charts, and many other formatted reports. Spot relationships and graph trends with powerful presentation graphics. Customize these applications any way you wish. If You Know Data Bases.

End users, even those who know nothing about data bases, have immediate access to the data they need. Update values in a data base directly from a SAS System application. All without risk to data security. The SAS System lets you choose which users browse or update specific files. Get the Facts Today. Bring the SAS System together with your data base. For details, call or write today. SAS Institute Inc. Ridge Medical Supplies Inc. CuUinet Software, Inc. Printed in the USA. Tandem Computers, Inc.

Digital Equipment Corp. Verimation is jointly owned by AB Volvo and L. Software Techniques, Inc. VMS systems. SPSS, Inc. Although the acronym-happy software industry rarely takes inspiration from housewares, Silden Software in Encino, Calif.

A system that automatically signs off terminals after a preset time lapse during which they have remained idle is called EZoff. Jim Wisdom can be a tough critic. Tough, but fair.

Speaks his mind. Not many people can say that. Which is also nice to hear. The Next Dimension in 4th Generation technology. Bohl, who resigned in April to join Digital Research, Inc. A story in the Sept. Infodata Systems, Inc. One powerful, accessible, responsive computer. When you do that, you get a different kind of computer. Then, the network the computer. This screen shows what we mean.

Other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. As you may have guessed, though, this is no ordinary screen. It belongs to the most powerful Sun workstation ever built. In computer-ese, it delivers the performance of 10 MIPS. At a tenth the cost. Merely the latest. On the contrary. All three can coexist on the same network.

I What it gives you is a compatible growth path 1 to the most cost-effective and powerful workstations m in the world. Software support for the Sun Living proof it’s no empty box. Only Sun has all the pieces of the Open Systems Network in place.

Advanced network services. Across-the-board licensing of innovations and implementations. It’s as though your company has just one computer.

One computer with the power of many. And the network is that computer. And a long list of network management services for vendors and customers alike. Our strategy is paying off. In other words, a network that works. For everyone. Or write Sun Microsystems, Garcia Ave.

The proposed addition is designated X3. The X3 committee has also announced a review period through Oct. Unmatched installation and implementation program. Inc Masterpiece. CA-Accounts Poyoble. Software superior by design. Changes during the final editing of X3. The standard facilitates the development and utilization of tape peripherals on computers by providing a common logical interface.

Software is no longer a cottage industry. To be a leader, the drive to be inventive must be backed by substantial resources. The way programmers work. The way computer applications are written and managed.

The way corporate infomiation is managed. And the r way future software systems will evolve. Today, ADR continues to lead the industry. And will continue to answer the needs of business. But now in greater diversity than ever before. Unlock the potential. The feature is one of several that the small systems utility firm said it hopes will allow it to compete more effectively with the job scheduling packages offered by Computer Associates International, Inc.

Pools systems for scheduling Release 3. And sessions can be saved on the host. Make contact today with Trax for a free trial! TtaX Trax Softworks, Inc. Tymshare Inc. International Business Machines. Inc, IBM. Lcslic P. Marcia Feingold — Cap Gemini America m. The company has sold licenses for the product. Macros can be defined in separate files and included with one-line commands in the procedure source code file.

It is said to take the place of more expensive mainframe security risk analyses. Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Access Technology, Inc. SQL is key to taking advantage of future technologies. And ADR will fully support the industry standard. Wliich means choosing a DBMS is now a matter of choosing the system that satisfies your current needs best. Without the fear of being locked out tomorrow. The future may bring something new, but today, businesses like yours depend on computer-based online solutions built by professional programmers.

Only to find that any advantages are lost to an insurmountable learning curve or are offset by an extremely painful performance penalty. That is, until now. You can even utilize existing Cobol copybooks. You get a system that executes real instructions. From the simplest to the most demanding of programs. Call or write today for a free, no obligation trial and complimentary poster.

Perfect together. Cincom Systems, Inc. Hessinger said that rating is unofficial; the official one will have to come from the Codd and Date Consulting Group when it decides to make it public.

Perhaps the danger here is not that we will ignore a new standard so much as allow it to become too confining once users start adhering to it. IBM executives have said that a follow-on machine, code- named Silverlake, should arrive in the second half of [CW, Sept. Professional, powerful and quick.

The only system with everything you need to build corporate applications on DB2. Including static and dynamic SQL functionality, an active dictionary tied to the DB2 catalog and a complete application development environment.

Or in other words, everything you need to get the most from your investment in DB2. It provides job log and listing information that the user can customize. Executive Assistant. Regional Sales Manager. Departmental mini using data from PC. National Sales Manager. IBM PC off mainframe; data uploaded from mini. Corporate Graphics Artist. Created using Editor at graphics workstation. Vice President of Manufacturing.

Departmental mini. Financial Manager. A single graphics package can make everybody in your company look good. Especially you. And file sharing capabilities so data can move freely throughout your company. On a micro, mini or mainframe. All your people learn a single set of commands and menus, no matter where Impressionist is running. Best of all, data from your host computer can be shared throughout your company.

To find out more about the one graphics package for everyone, call Chris Barkley at In Texas and Canada call Call for special introductory price on Micro Impressionist.

Lotus and are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation. This module is integrated with Supertab, the I- Deas finite element modeler. If two users try to simultaneously open the same data set, the product guarantees that all update operations are serialized and protects the overall integrity of the data set.

Enhanced Data Set Integrity operates in a stand-alone or integrated mode. On-Cue generates and submits a batch job request and returns it to the user. A hard copy can be routed to an available printer. Filled-in screens can be saved in a user library, and security for sensitive data is provided. It emulates the deduetive reasoning of human experts and shows how to improve the performance of your system. In fact, it even gives the rationale for its advice.

And can tailor its recommendations to the requirements of your system. It is compatible with other versions of Plantrac. Computerline, P. Box , 52 School St. A version of the Mass word processing software for Digital Equipment Corp.

Mass Version 7-A allows the fonts to be printed in outline form or in various shades from black to white, the vendor said. Users may change typefaces and point sizes anywhere within a document. Microsystems Engineering, Suite , W. Hassell Road, Hoffman Estates, Ill. Other features include more than component library symbols, editing functions and the abiity to create parts from portions of a drawing. The software also allows definition of a pixel array with a color associated with each pixel.

Raster data from various sources can be merged. Versatec has also announced Veraplot 9. The software outputs raster data and was designed for VAX and Microvax computers. Versatec, Walsh Ave. The system, called Jcamms, runs on Wang Laboratories, Inc. VS minicomputers. Broadway, Hicksville, N.

Version 1. DEC, Maynard, Mass. Louis A. Sharing DASD? Want to Improve Performance? System Devel. Facility Info. You can use a telephone. Reply and it digitizes your voice to be replayed later. So now the company computer is just a phone call away. Teltech, 39 Broadway, New York, N. But since we bought the C Supra from C. Itoh Digital Products, I never have a moment to spare. I’m living life in the fast lane. It manages continuous forms, labels, letterhead and up to 6-part invoices with its rear or bottom feed paper paths.

Sound investment The finance department says the Supra is a great investment since C. Itoh Digital Products, Inc. It prints high volume data processing output, like invoices and spreadsheets, at speeds up to characters per second cps. And for word processing, the Supra prints sharp, clear, high-speed letter quality at cps. And they were right. Forms expert Our executives are really impressed with the Whether it’s high volume spreadsheets and multi-part invoices or letter quality business letters and presentations, the Supra is fast and reliable.

MS-DOS-based systems. Software Research, Third St. Francisco, Calif. According to the vendor. Version 2. Updata, Holmdel Road, Holmdel, N. The Tapesaver Utility backs up and restores data by volume or by file. No system generation is required for installation. The utility can be run by an operator in interactive menu prompt mode or unattended under batch control.

And offers software designers a CASE system that works the way they do. A commitment that has made ADR the leader. Up to 16 watch points can also be set. Program statements can be traced as they are executed. Glenstone, Springfield, Mo.

The system lets engineers and managers focus their efforts on software development, quality, and productivity, without having to supervise a complex computer facility. A composite material made of graphite epoxy is ideal for use in space because it is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum.

Unlike metal, it does not expand from exposure to heat or cold, and its reduced weight translates into lower costs and larger payloads. For example, saving just one pound in a space vehicle means a reduced launch cost of several thousand dollars or added fuel for longer operations. Until now, however, graphite composites have proved difficult to mold to shapes more complex than a simple cylinder.

But research and development by Hughes has opened the way for the fabrication of a variety of new forms, including tubes with integrated end fittings in a one-piece design, support beams, and ring structures up to seven feet in diameter.

Air Force FE dual role fighters. Unlike previous systems requiring software check-out after the completion of hardware, the Hughes Digital Software Integration Station DSIS can test and de-bug software while the hardware is being built, resulting in substantial development cost and schedule savings.

It has ten times the software and six times as many test targets as its predecessor, the APG radar. The signal is then relayed to a Japanese ground station north of Tokyo and fed into the local NHK studio. The daily broadcasts include segments of major US. An ultramodern facility spanning 1. S3, El Segundo, CA Ada is a registered trademark of the U S.

Government Ada Joint Program Office. For more information write to: P. Development tools Cadre Technologies, Inc. Cadre Technologies, Richmond St. Smalltalk DE Version 2. Continued on paged? Postscript has clearly emerged as a standard, and Palo Alto, Calif.

The Continued on paged? How do you plan to penetrate that market? Users report dramatic productivity improvements and more.

All these and more to improve productivity and produce quality applications. For the most efficient development of either your PC or mainframe programs, call us now. The company also unveiled a Holiday Clipart Library that users can incorporate into holiday correspondence, newsletters and other types of publications, according to a company spokesman. They are compatible with Adobe Systems, Inc. Data integrity is key for such an application. Another reason for Follet to go with Baler was purely economic.

The plan eventually calls for 60 copies of the model to be in place. According to Butler, compiling a spreadsheet with Baler was easy. At up to 1. SCO Xenix has proved to be a reliable operating system. It offers an excellent low-cost opportunity to get back up to speed on the current state of Unix. Xenix vs. Even a little experience with the two systems is enough to show that both will have their place in corporate use.

SCO Xenix is clearly the operating more professional, unified look. All of which means PageLaserl2 can meet the needs of any office worker. So if your business prospers on high volume, get the laser pnnter that does the same.

The PageLaserl2. For more details, call for the name of theTbshiba printer and computer dealer nearest you. Then see how well FhgeLaserl2 performs in your surroundings. Diablo is a reKistend track-mark of Xenix Corporation. Qunie is a ivgistervd trademark of Qume Corporation. LaserJet Plus is a a-gislemd trademark of Hewlett-Bickard.

Inc, Infomuition Systems Division system of choice when more traditional, multiuser, multiterminal configurations are desired. Control-C Software, Inc. We also have regional marketing people that are also focused exclusively on the Fortune Why should MIS directors buy Tandy equipment? What are your goals for selling to MIS in large corporations? Our market share is small — in the few- percent range.

We would be very pleased to double that in the next year. I think every new piece of hardware that comes into the market, regardless of the manufacturer, has features that the whole industry reviews and has to determine the importance of for the long term. Of course, customers themselves have an important vote as well.

In fact, VGA is an option on our based machines today. The real significance of that is that all manufacturers now have the ability to bring some real innovations to hardware design as long as the operating environment is compatible with it and the software is compatible with it.

Does it matter? The rumor is that it needs an exceptionally large amount of memory to handle all these extended functions. So, if you believe their literature, it would appear to run on all other machines as well. Anyone who focuses on it is the ultimate victim of fear, uncertainty and doubt. How badly were you harmed by that decision? We were anything but a hardware clone. But our sales have been very robust. What do you hope to accomplish during the next 10?

In the microcomputer area, our No. One of the more interesting things that we did next was our barnstorming campaign in and We also made significant inroads in the education market. We gave free computer-literacy training to , school teachers.

The next 10 years will probably be more interesting than the last With all the advances being made in hardware and software, the end user is going to be the big beneficiary. BASIS is designed to keep pace with your world of information, and, without the constraint of hardware dependence. Fast, efficient information retrieval is possible in even the largest databases. Novice and casual users may retrieve information and generate reports using menus and simplified command statements.

In , the firm shipped 3. Once an IBM-only shop. Saavedra said Wells Fargo was drawn to Tandy because of its ability to provide on-site service. GE makes the switch General Electric Co. And, that makes sense. New files and record fields may be added or changed without reloading data. BASIS is accurate, efficient, and secure. DM is the first relational DBMS with full-text handling capabilities integrated with complete database management facilities.

If you need to know who, what, where, when, or why.. Let DPS be your Guide. Digital is and will continue to be the dominant factor! Or call your local sales office. The Powermate includes a processing unit with IM byte of random-access memory, a 1. It can accommodate five 5V4-in. Based on the Intel Corp. CPT, P. Box , Mitchell Road, Minneapolis, Minn.

The Acer bit system runs at 16 MHz. No host changes required. Aspen Research NE. Does the vendor offer a true distributed matrix switch versus an electronic patch panel? Are there any documented problems with the control software, resulting in inability to control the switch? Can references be contacted, with sites visited? Is performance monitoring integrated in the distributed matrix switch?

I Does the switch provide V. And, we know that no competitor within our markets can match the service and support we offer. Prove it to yourself. The Ivy portables are said to run the Unix operating system. The Model 40 features a 1. The Model 80 features an 80M-byte hard drive, and the Model features a M-byte hard drive instead of the 40M-byte drive.

Ivy Microcomputer, 15 Ararat St. Software applications packages An entry-level computer-aided drafting and design program called Cub has been announced by Innovative Computer Aided Technology, Inc. Macintosh has been introduced. Users can select record sizes of 1,, 2, or 4, char. Vectras and compatibles. Box , Cumberland Ave. Lafayette, Ind. Response, an integrated contingency planning system for data processing and corporate disaster recovery planning, has been announced by Mosaic Computer Security, Inc.

Mosaic, Massachusetts Ave. You can correct or bypass the error right away —without wading through transaction dumps—and then resume testing without losing valuable time. Best of all, InterTest’s programmer-friendly menu screens and comprehensive Help Facility enable you to become more productive right away.

It lets you catch the bugs that plague your programs. For more information, or to find out about our no obligation 30 day trial program, please write or call On-Line Software today. On-Line Software International, Inc. Fully sealed. Runs ceel. Fits under an airplane seat. And cemes 4 te a box. It s one of our direct access storage devices DASD disk enclosures, and it delivers improved reliability, improved availability and greater compactness.

This is why these disks can be sealed inside their enclosures And it s why we re able to service our DASDs fast.. It all adds up to greater productivity.

For specs on our full line, call your local Amdahl representative. The Hobbs Group, P. Box , S. Techpro, P. Box , Springfield, Va. Bridgeware operates as a stand-alone application. MS-DOS 2. Other features include a rewritten source-entry utility and an 8-million-record limit. California Software, N. A code-generating graphics editor called Drawbridge has been introduced by Courseware Applications, Inc. Drawbridge automatically generates the source code required to create graphics displays.

Graphics objects available include arcs, boxes, circles, lines and polygons. They may be in color and can be either outlined or painted. A built-in text editor allows the addition of text to graphics displays.

It automates new or modified application testing, from simple program tests to the most complicated stress testing. The automated logging function permanently stores the screen dialogues on a file.

You can then browse and customize your test stream dialogues with a variety of powerful on-line edit and utility functions. VERIFY is then ready to retest any portion of your system, giving you the flexibility to control the application mix, input values and arrival rate of the transactions to be re-executed on CICS.

Through an on-line menu display, you can see the exact differences VERIFY discovers during its interactive comparison. And respond immediately with two full menus of mismatch processing options. It helps you get it right the first time.

The V 2 -in. Emerald Systems, Mo- rena Blvd. Nth Group, P. Box , West Hills, Calif. Information Storage, Inc. Features include self-loading and self-threading. M4 Data, Building 14, N. A series of internal hard disk drives for Apple Computer, Inc. Macintosh computers has been announced by the Rodime, Inc. Peripheral System Division. Both offer average seek times of 28 msec, and both have embedded SCSI controllers.

Rodime, Suite , Chagrin Blvd. You can take the Macintosh SE for a test drive. Or experience the blazing speed of the Macintosh H. Based on the processor, the newest Macintosh has color for vivid graphics, and open architecture for maximum expandability of memory to handle the biggest jobs.

Most importantly, youll find out about the new connection between IBM and Apple! About DOS compatibility cards and the new option of emulation. Youll even learn how Macintosh talks with IBM mainframes. For our Macintosh Week event schedule, contact your local Businessland Center. To find the one nearest you, call Macintosh is a trademark of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

Businessland is an authorized Apple dealer. Text editing is done on the composed page in a what-you-see-is- what-you-get format.

Canon U. A in. The monitor has a 0. Tatung, El Presidio St. The device can scan both halftone photographs and line-art drawings in one pass. Interfacing the Apple Computer, Inc. Microtek Labs, S. Western Ave. Three models are available. All feature two full-length, eight-bit IBM Personal Computer slots, two plug-in expansion adapters, K bytes of random-access I memory, four asynchronous serial shar- j ing ports, one serial printer port and one parallel pinter port.

Model 2, with a 1. Page Reader supports the formats of such word processing programs as Micro- pro International Corp. Page Reader has a built-in sheet feeder that enables it to read stacks of up to five typewritten pages. While the scanner is operating, users can continue to use the personal computer for other tasks.

Saba Technologies, S. Gemini Drive, Beaverton, Ore. Cornerstone, A E. Tasman Drive, Sanjose, Calif. Board-level devices General Computer Corp. It automatically detects and repairs system abends and loops on-line. And since diagnostic data is available on-line or in a complete, concise report, you reduce the need to wade through large portions of lengthy system dumps.

Get the only CICS stabilizer around. Because PowerHouse supports these vendors’ relational databases as well as their dominant file systems, many of the problems associated with adopting a relational DBMS are solved. No matter which hardware or databases you use, you’re guaranteed integration, compatibility and performance, and ‘production’ development power.

All this, on top of improved productivity. Integate new applications with existing data New applications built in a third party DBMS won’t necessarily integrate with your existing data. That means you’re not locked-in to a proprietary DBMS and locked-out’ of your existing data. You enjoy the combination of a fast-execution language and databases optimized by your computer manufacturer.

And wherever they take their hardware and software — your applications and data will go, too. Development power for ‘production PowerHouse gives you the total development capability in one language, and not a collection of weak DBMS utilities and interfaces.

Regardless of which database you’re using, PowerHouse gives you advanced, dictionary-driven development power to prototype and build ‘production’ commercial applications.

Call any of our 38 Cognos offices around the world and find out why 7, customer sites solve their problems with PowerHouse. And Cognos has a full service organization to back you up. In Canada, call Cognos and PowerHouse are registered trademarks of Cognos Incorporated. Hyper net 2.

General Computer, First St. Conographic Corp. Conographic, Fitch, Irvine, Calif. Hewlett-Packard Co. Mouse and improved system integration under HP Windows. Revision 1. It is keyboard-selectible for 8M or 16MHz and features one bit memory slot and five bit and two 8-bit expansion slots. CSS Laboratories, S. Ritchey St. Safe Power Systems, W. Clary, W. Clary Ave.

Tilt and swivel base. An easier set-up mode. Our dual resolution mode lets you retain full VT compatibility and shift from DEC resolution to hi res. When it comes to quality and value in terminals, we wrote the book. Tferminal Census. CW CHART ing from security breaches has mounted with the proliferation of effective network analysis tools that let outsiders tap in and monitor data on the network, Russell said.

Vista-Gate was co-developed with Communications Solutions, Inc. Direct access to Profs will be announced within the next six months, according to a Data- point spokesman. Virtually every new computer supports C, and portable programs created with the mainframe compiler under OS or CMS will run on any other machine with a C compiler.

And you can use C, instead of assembler, to develop small and fast subroutines called from other languages. We designed the compiler listing and cross-reference to make programs easy to follow and errors easy to find. Especially when you can get a better terminal for less. From the people who brought you advanced 3X communications in the first place.

The result? The IDEA ! With three product versions that offer you a range of features. So you only pay for the features you need.

Such as greater system printer emulation, including the Support for any popular PC printer without special cartridges or programming. The IDEA Call us at for a preview. National Seminconductor Corp. Ericsson in the area of intelligent networking. With no guest operating systems. No hardware restrictions — from to 43XX to 30XX and all compatibles. So why delay? Structured design strategies and UFO’s development system enable us to deliver these systems on time and on budget.

Using UFO in this manner has allowed Stroh to develop sophisticated applications quickly, because our developers can concentrate on solving business problems. We developed one system with UFO that employed a series of 33 integrated on-line screens in six months.

With UFO, two of us did in three years what we thought would take us six years with conventional on-line coding. All done with UFO. Data is more current, with far less errors. They come from very different backgrounds: retailing, education, manufacturing, insurance. And, one of their standards is timely delivery of on-line applications—which gives them something else in common.

Developing programs, testing them interactively, and seeing the effect of changes immediately, with the most advanced on-line applications development system available, UFO Productivity System from On-Line Software International. In short, a complete productivity environment for prototyping, testing, debugging, and implementing applications. Ask any of the on-line experts at over 2, sites that are having productive experiences with UFO.

Call an On-Line Software representative today, and ask for the names of users in your area who can share their UFO experiences with you. Thefast, flexible applications development system. Bridge said. Somehow, a little programming change can take on monstrous proportions if you’re not careful.

And an undetected error can make a program look like a different animal altogether. TRAPS captures keystrokes and screens and provides consistent, repeatable playback of test scripts. And since TRAPS runs on a personal computer, you conserve host resources and bypass the installation and scheduling roadblocks of mainframe testing tools.

And you won’t leave users in the dark with unexpected suprises. These prices include an intelligent communications adapter, a high-speed Datapoint Resource Interface Module, a Vista-Gate-to-modem cable and the basic server software. The communications server upgrade kit does not include the required K- byte personal computer with 1. Including your own personal account manager. In short, because we believe our software is worth what we charge for it.

They realize that the best financial software in America is worth a slightly higher purchase price. Invest in the best. Financial software by Data Design. To learn how our systems work for a broad range of medium to large size companies on most major computer systems, call Betty Fulton toll-free at , or mail in the coupon today. See you at the user conference. A comprehensive guide designed to make the mainframe software selection process much easier for you. By design.

There are two basic approaches to this; contention and assignment. In a contention-based system, there is a pool of sessions available on a first come, first served basis. In an assignment system, sessions are dedicated to specific users. The latter is important for printers and terminals that will run production jobs.

Some products support both approaches. Your batch jobs will always have the files they need for processing without operator intervention. Netec International, Inc. How easy will it be to add another controller? Are there lines to run back to the host? Will there be ports available when you get there?

These are questions you should ask. A related issue is how much user support the gateway provides. How much does the system tell you about what is going on? Can you see exactly which logical units are in use? The absence of this kind of data, which is essential for diagnostics and monitoring, can be good reason to avoid an otherwise excellent product.

But be careful. You should ensure that users on one network can establish sessions on a host connected to a gateway on another network. Otherwise you will have to put a gateway in every LAN.

A proven, complete object-oriented database ana aeveiop environment. With built-in multimedia and Internet support, Jasmine has it all. A pure, object-oriented database. Drag-and-drop development environment. Distributed object delivery. Efficient database multimedia storage and manipulation, and efficient delivery through streaming and caching.

If that sounds good, pick up the phone right now. Because Jasmine is ready today. Analysts warned that ADSL may not be appropriate for all businesses because it allows much higher bandwidth down from the Internet than up to it.

The rent is half that for offices at some other downtown buildings, under a government incentive program. Thorn Communications, Inc. Real Estate, Inc. Submit your entry by January 23, , and receive the recognition you deserve. E-mail wwo jcai. Are your employees getting relevant information on a just-in-time basis? Companies that harness knowledge become more competitive, more innovative, and more profitable. Sales reps can cut time needed to gather customer and competitor data.

Workforces stay informed on die latest benefits and policies. Executives can easily follow competitors, customers, and industry trends. And IT can push updated software to the appropriate desktop configurations. To learn how to tap the power of knowledge with push technology, call or visit us at wvw. Brian Reid, “people thought I was referring to things made of bricks and mortar, not computer code.

We offer complete Web-based solutions, plus skilled people in over countries, to help you put it all together, and keep it together. Find us at www. And get ready to win in a networked world. Computerworld December 15, www. Enhancements to Business Engineer 4.

Tse said the tool is only part of the implementation process. For Clark Material Handling Co. Clark plans to switch its change their business practices to match the new processes and switch on the software systems according to the configurators, which act as guides.

Early testing with a dozen users has gone smoothly, Bull said. A-dec, Inc. Four months later, it switched to an Oracle database because of chronic performance problems.

Now A-dec has more than users going against Oracle without any throughput hitches. Cisco plans an expansion module for its Catalyst stackable Token Ring switch.

It also announced LANE software for its Catalyst and Lightstream switches and its , , and router lines. Token Ring LANE support for the Catalyst and Lightstream switches as well as the , , and routers will ship next month. Success assured, rest assured. Unknown cost, time, and support are major concerns for any company when implementing a total enterprise software solution.

Which puts all of your concerns completely to rest. You bring in Lotus Notes? This latest release, Notes 4. You name it, if your users want it, they can get ahold of it right from Notes. And when it comes to sharing work across departments and offices, users can quickly forward web pages to colleagues, turn e-mail into meeting invitations and even use their favorite word processor as their e-mail editor.

Or call us at 1 , ext. MA Lotus Notes. The e-business logo is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. K Work with legal department to prepare responses to contracts that have vague language. I When purchasing new software or renewing existing licenses, develop standard language and include it in master contracts.

Source: Meta Group, Inc. Computerworld s first priority is the interest of its readers. Editorial decisions arc made free of advertisers influence. We insist on fair, unbiased presentation in all news and articles. No advertising that simulates editorial content will he published. Plagiarism is grounds for dismissal. Computerworld mates prompt, complete corrections of errors. Journalists do not own or trad e in computer industry stocks.

No secondary employment in the IS industry is permitted. Our commitment to fairness is our defense against slander. All editorial opinions will he clearly labeled as such. Ralph Nader and the SPA debate proponed softwarr license law. People with vision. Values Self- n m confidence.

Words You Work By. Our code of ethics guarantees it. Why do we make such a big deal out of editorial integrity? Because the words you read in Computerworld often have a dramatic impact on your business, your career, and your future.

You use this information to evaluate new products. To get a candid view of emerging technologies. To find out the inside story on corporate strategies. To decide whether to jump ship or stay in your current job. To get the edge on your competition.

In short, Computerworld is filled with the words IS professionals like you live by. Week in and week out, our editors and reporters call it the way they see it – on issues ranging from network management to reengineering. They dig deeply to bring you the most accurate, comprehensive news in IS. Plus, you’ll get our special bonus publication, The Premier , an annual profile of the leading companies using IS technology.

To order by mail, use the postage-paid subscription card bound into this issue. You have our word on it. All of that is catching up to Oracle with a vengeance. The database kingpin, which had been haughtily lording it over struggling rivals Sybase, Inc. And the Redwood Shores, Calif. Seagate Technology, Inc. Quantum Corp. Ipsilon, in Sunnyvale, Calif. Lucent buys Prominet Lucent Technologies, Inc. By Barb Cole-Gomolski filenet corp. The Costa Mesa, Calif. Under the plan, FileNet will offer back-end software that serves up both documents and images via a World Wide Web browser.

A medical claim form is a document, for example, and an X ray is an image. Signs of a turnaround already are apparent. Dell” PowerEdge servers are built to deliver, with all the high speed, manageability and state of the art performance it takes to withstand unexpectedly intense times.

Dell, the Dell logo and PowerEdge are when it comes to time and money, any business can profit from the ability to operate smoothly at peak capacity. Maybe you should trust your business to a reliable Dell server, too. They are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease for use in a residential environment. Oracle got that warning branded on its hide last week, as a 4-cent shortfall in expected earnings per share let loose a howling from a wounded Wall Street.

This maturing market issue turns up as predictably as death, taxes and the need to reboot your PC. Every high-tech high-flyer eventually floats back to Earth. And Mother Wall Street is inevitably disappointed. No wonder Larry is out there stumping for new customers in the name of network computers. The question now is: Will that make Mother happy again?

But I would like to see an article about the people who are trying their best to get employment, but due to changes in hiring and recruiting, are finding it even more difficult to land a job. I have sent to resumes over the Internet, as well as faxed and mailed resumes. I will complete my degree in June, but I am not very optimistic that this will help.

Armando Torres Jr. Fresno, Calif. The real culprits are the vendors and manufacturers that hire them for their booths. Guess who had a small army of young Japanese women prancing around in super-short cutoffs and bandanna halter tops? It was embarrassing. Robert C. Most of them apply for green cards in order to remain in the U. They are far from being mobile. During these three years, the law binds the worker to the employer. The feeling is that one should switch to get the best deal because one is going to be stuck in it for three or four years.

Moneek Sharma Farmington Hills, Mich. The real culprits are the vendors that hire these women for their booths. Planning, Administrative Services Development, System Architecture Vice President Engineering, Scientific. Other Titled Personnel d. Let me explain.

I know it was a long time ago; deep breath, quick reminiscence. Conventions quickly evolved: You usually addressed people by their first names, for example, and signed off with — well, there seemed to be different ways. It was businesslike. It was polite. That the Internet equivalent of direct mailers used it in a feeble attempt to achieve an up-close-and-personal dynamic seemed rather pointless if predictable.

But it ratchets up the expression one very important notch on the intimacy scale. Warm is how the armchair feels when you sit down where the cat has been sleeping. E-mail from strangers is none of those things. That seems at this point to be inevitable, and despite the hours it costs me I accept that. Progress usually has some opportunity cost. If we allow meaning to seep from our expressions, sentiments that once had the power to move us become just words.

Use of E-mail might continue to evolve, but some things are sacred. Don’t insinuate a close tie to me – especially if you’re sending me spam. A butterfly flaps its wings in China, setting off a chain of events that results in a tornado in New York. Or something like that. So as the year winds down, what were those little events that will have great fallout later?

But if you dream of a true global directory, forget it. That will be good for vendors, not for users. That means that those things will proliferate dramatically. Soon, most IS organizations will face the same problems Captain Kirk faced when those excruciatingly cute tribbles overran the Starship Enterprise.

You think managing a fleet of mobile computers is tough, wait until you have more devices outside the company than inside. Better expect it. Consider the following progression.

New brands pop up. Within a few years, you may be snapping together your own PCs or renting out the facilities of a channel assembler. But the average age of the IT professional may drop over the next few years, and IS managers and CIOs will have all the challenges of an NBA coach as they try to keep their teams motivated. His Internet address is jgantz idcresearch. McNealy’s Java-enabled key ring is a joke now.

In 10 years, it won’t be. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies W-v Presenting our newest Compaq ProLiant servers.

Put simply, the goal is to simultaneously minimize cost and reduce risk for your business. To that end, we’re offering two new servers from our full line that meet a range of functionality and budget requirements. The ProLiant is a departmental server that delivers enterprise-level performance and is designed to grow with your business—thanks to its affordability and II e all of th is critical. The ProLiant gives you fully scalable, mission-critical performance for much less than comparable servers.

As entry-level, high-end servers go, this one may well be voted most likely to succeed by all departments. Both servers feature dual memory controllers that process memory requests in parallel to significantly increase overall , memory bandwidth.

And for increased storage availability and scalability, you’ll find room for eight hot piug hard drives. No matter which of our ProLiant servers you choose, receive a full suite of management software like q SmartStart and Compaq Insight Manager to loy and manage your server servers from Compaq, the world’s leer-lino of computers.

For more infer ; compaq. The Limited, Inc. The support service, which began Nov. San Antonio-based USAA provides insurance to active, former, and retired military personnel and their families.

The Waterloo, Wis. That in turn forces Trek to carry the rest of the inventory for making that bike until the needed part arrives. As a result, local consultants flock to the software maker, Hiring, page 38 Computerworld December 15, www. With access to the WAN, users will share account information on both the reservation side and the catering end for the first time. But you never know. That means flexible work hours, customized training programs and individually decorated office space.

But after about six months, they scuttled the project, finding programming and development across plus hotels unwieldy and too costly. That changes life for Trek product managers who visit parts suppliers such as Shi- mano Corp. As a consequence, it is going to need commitment at a high level to break down barriers [between departments] and a dedicated project team. The IBM home page is located al www. Not to worry. Visit www. Internet World to learn which technologies are effective and which are not.

And, in some cases, there is full life cycle of the business see story, page The first thing you might notice is their ambitious scope.

Those that have say redundancy is the key. But content will see the greatest CAGR. Addresses are stored in an Oracle Corp. Oracle7 database. The messages are created on a Silicon Graphics, Inc. Origin , and the job takes six hours a week to run. On products like that, [opt-in E-mail] is great. Howe is principal writer at Clearwater Communications, a writing and editorial services firm in Cambridge, Mass. C American Airlines www.

In the end, Pall chose a filter that was so serious as to be comical – a rather dorky-looking fellow named Dilbert. You know, the cartoon character. Plus, he said, the basic ESD infrastructure is still in flux. Meanwhile, Cyberian takes its international business very seriously.

Its home page is available in 11 languages. But Peck plans to go beyond mere language translation. Peck said he expects to be profitable next September. It looks like the risk is paying off as Beam- scope begins reaping the benefits of its Web- based order-processing system and redefines itself as a high-tech distributor.

But no matter what their size, all of these outlets began pushing Beamscope a few years ago for more accurate order-taking, faster deliveries and fewer products out of stock. Gross margins, meanwhile, have remained relatively flat and are now in the 9.

Datapac lines, it took many seconds for screens to display new data. Graphics were minimal. And each update of the client-side software meant producing and mailing boxloads of floppy disks — a major distribution problem. But then the software team let Jameson and other Beamscope executives in on its plan to move the remote access setup to the Web.

This helps maximize access speed and gives the server a broader menu of data and services. As of this past fall, retailers can track their shipments at the Beamscope Web site, too, thanks to a live data feed from United Parcel Service, Inc. The server handles up to sessions at once. Response times are usually less than a second, Jameson said.

And retailers can view color photos and video clips of most of the 6, products the distributor stocks. These programs track outstanding invoices and credit status so that when the customer places an order, the system does a local lookup. The Ironside system allows a few encryption options: It can be applied to just IDs and passwords; to certain sensitive fields of data; or to the entire message sent back and forth across the Internet. Beamscope has just started taking orders over the Web, so bottom-line improvements are difficult to estimate.

But the benefits go beyond cost savings. Nine regional sales agents can use the Web link while visiting retailers, using laptop computers to dial into the Internet.

More will be invited to use it once the home office has finished shaking down a new high-capacity T1 link expected to be completed in October, Jameson said. But the advantages for a Wal-Mart or Kmart Corp. At the end of the day, a supervisor could review the order as a whole. Verity is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, N. From here, they can place an order, check pricing or look up inventory data.

Also created a whole new means of selling Beamscope goods. Even the Spokane, Wash. WebForce servers and pulls data from legacy Hewlett-Packard Co. Sound familiar? The effect, said Heather Stark, principal consultant at consulting firm Ovum, Inc.

What makes them stand above the crowd is their attitude. And they are creative, engaging and easy to use. Already the phrase has all but lost its meaning.

Great, but what if they really show up? Marrying the logistics experience of Intel an cl the business process expertise of SAP, it links everything together—from billing and accounting to inventory and shipping—so anything needed to fulfill an order, happens. The warehouse knows what to move. Billing has numbers. Everyone has realtime reporting. Visit our site for more. Or call ebiz, ext. Hunt is building a Web-based interactive catalog in an effort to attract new customers, decrease print costs and leapfrog competitors.

That feature alone, Fornaci said, saves everyone money. That can take from two to seven minutes. At that point, say he wants to know how many ff dry vans there are in Hong Kong. So far, the approach seems to work, Fornaci said.

And the project itself is already affecting the bottom line. It was used so extensively, in fact, that it paid for itself in a single day. This past August, the Rochester, N. This brings us to another characteristic of second-generation electronic commerce: personalization. Strategic Interactive in Boston handled the site design. Still, Kodak had to assemble a new team comprised of 60 people and spend a year and a half creating the service. Milestone Systems, Inc. With the help of a 3-year-old Reston, Va.

Once that rollout is completed, the government will add an agency a month. Egghead www. The packaged systems include Microsoft Corp. Today, people at most agencies have to go to 10 or 15 Web sites to compare products and services, Mazan said. But with eFed, they can go to one place for that information.

That depends on your industry. And for those in many manufacturing industries, a wait-and- see approach may make the most sense. ICE is the ONE event dedicated to providing you the high quality programs you must have to stay at the leading edge of the latest innovations in Internet and Web-based business. Box , Framingham, MA This summer saw the worst of it. Worst of all, some Internet service providers ISP said at the time, DNS problems of this kind happen regularly, and Network Solutions still has no fail-safe mechanism to stop them.

Since ProShop parent company Brainstormers, Inc. ProShop also experienced problems when it first began using Cybercash, Inc. Actual events keep proving how crucial that backup can be, not only in case of failure but also in the event of an unexpected jump in site hits. FedEx Corp. Tuxedo monitors server transactions and provides features such as rollback, which allows the system to restart transactions from where they were at the point of failure.

This provides a challenge to companies such as Schwab that are trying to set up fail-over mechanisms that automatically route client queries to a backup server or connection. In a nonsecure environment, DNS can route client queries for a logical Web address to multiple sites on a round robin basis. But the round robin utility lacks the intelligence, for example, to route queries around a server that has crashed, said Kevin Delgadillo, product manager for Internet technologies at Cisco Systems, Inc.

ProShop, for example, is looking at two ways to ensure rollback procedures with the customer database, Williams said. In other areas, however, users have at least Troubleshooting ProShop. Three months after the golf equipment retailing site went online, it began going down intermittently on weekends – its busiest time, founder Will Pringle said.

They then upgraded the RAM, but the site still went down. December 15, 7 www. PRICE some recourse. First, it moved the site, which the ISP had been maintaining, in-house. Secondly, the golf equipment site switched its Internet links to another provider: a large, well-known company. So far, there have been no problems. They are just less vulnerable than the small shops. A [Norristown, Pa. The final choice was a dedicated facility at Sungard Recovery Services, Inc.

Should the primary site go down, the backup site can take over within an hour, Jones said. Primary site backup tapes are delivered to the Sungard facility every night, so it could be as much as 24 hours out of date when a disaster hits.

Sungard perceives the market as very young but growing rapidly, said Doug Clauson, a spokesman for the disaster recovery unit of SunGard Data Systems. And a spate of vendors are introducing Web site disaster recovery services. GTE Corp. The price of such services depends on how quickly a customer needs to have the backup site take over and how fresh the data needs to be, Solter said. Indeed, one of the main lures of Web disaster recovery services is that they cost significantly less than a comparable in-house facility.

Louis www. Ecash has been running for two years, but for the first 18 to 20 months, the focus was on retail. This way, corporations can make automatic real-time payments using ecash. Hydro British Columbia www. Six months from now, we hope to take electronic payment from our customers. Management now understands that our Web site is not the most important part of our strategy but that the linkages to our trade partners and their e-commerce strategies are.

These strategies are in the early stages of maturing. We get more requests and demands from our trade partners for linkages, content and integration issues than we did a year ago. As our choices increase, so do the risks. So how can you minimize risk? Cash is king. Which would you choose? Many lack momentum and the ability to meid. How about yours? E-mail him at austln lbg. New rules. For advertising information, contact: John S. A new magazine. The next make break fifteen seconds or ca People visit your Web site to find out about you.

If they encounter a high- performance, reliable site — they’re likely to ascribe those attributes to your company. Unfortunately, if your site is slow, or down, that tells them something too. When you host at UUNET, your servers operate in a bandwidth-rich environment with multiple direct connections to the world’s largest and most sophisticated Internet network. We add advanced application tools and unmatched operational support, to create hosting designed specifically for businesses with a serious mission for their Web sites.

The chance to make a first impression comes only once. Make sure your site is creating the right one. Visit us at www. As the only weekly newspaper for IS professionals, Computerworld is filled with up-to-the-minute articles on topics ranging from products and people to trends and technology.

And get your own copy of Computerworld. Then you can spend less time reading about the world of information systems. And more time conquering it. Stronger customer relationships. The ability to rapidly respond to a constantly changing marketplace.

It means your network service provider uses Cisco equipment – the common platform that lets your network work with any other network on the planet. To find out more, visit our website at www. And let a Cisco Powered Network service provider open up the Internet for your business. There is no shortage of background- check services on the Internet. And misuse of personal information — such as a credit history — could lead to civil litigation.

ABC Interactive said the goal of the project is to offer World Wide Web-based advertisers more dependable data about traffic on sites where they post ads. Updates for customers are expected in the second quarter of next year.

Internet antivirus Symantec Corp. It is available on the Web at www. PowerSite is a development tool designed to manage and deploy large-scale applications that run on the client or server. Network Appliance Corp. Fenwick is an executive search firm that specializes in high-technology placement.

Internet-gathered information related to civil lawsuits. So what useful information can employers find using the Internet? Kubik specializes Courts in many states have determined that companies can be held liable if they failed to check the background of an employee who goes on a crime spree.

Above all, experts advise against using the Internet as a definitive source. This is the first time it will. PowerDy- namo also will support database applications. NetCache Appliance comes in two models with fault-tolerant disk subsystems.

According to the Cupertino, Calif. Site creators also can use its Direct-to-Web framework of open application programming interfaces for the creation of customized third-party templates. The software supports Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Apple Computer www. According to the Simi Valley, Calif. NovaStor www. According to the Santa Clara, Calif. NetlQ www. According to the Schaumburg, Ill. It works with Microsoft Corp. InstallShield www. According to the Redmond, Wash. Microsoft www. I Solutions for a small planet ” Network Computing Leverage your assets and your true potential will be revealed.

More companies are evolving into network computing. Connecting people, information, and global markets faster than ever before. And newly introduced WorkSpace On-Demand.

All of which could decrease your overall cost of ownership. Version 2 manages Microsoft Corp. NT fax server Chelmsford, Mass. It also lets users store incoming fax information in a database that supports Open Database Connectivity. Security management Mission Critical Software, Inc. Sentry EEM 2. Earlier this year. Lucent bought Unified Messenger from Milpitas, Calif. The company recently migrated to Microsoft Corp. Insurance Services Office, Inc.

We may move the service out at some point, but it would still be tough to manage. If so, you may be thinking that Layer 3 switching is the answer to your prayers. But it may still be too early to invest in Layer 3, according to some analysts and users. The problems? The software runs on Microsoft Corp.

So what is the future of the router? We may not be looking at a router-centric world, but routers are still on most LANs. But the intermediate-size ones that have been the mainstay of the market will disappear over the next 10 years.

Voorhees, N. There will be a place for physical routers until Layer 3 really takes off. On the downside, routers can slow things down on [backbone] networks. I see routers serving a vital function as a link into intranets.

In the past, lack of support for unified messaging has made implementations difficult. San Jose, Calif. That makes them far slower than switches. That is slower on small subnetworks but much faster on campus networks, for example. A simple way to increase a switch’s intelligence is to add a routing module to its chassis or add a routing process to the switch itself.

Mike Rothman, an analyst at Meta Group, Inc. Several analysts said users should wait a few months for network upgrades. Within two to three months, there will be new gigabit-class routers, such as the new one from Extreme Networks, Inc. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.

But now that it has moved nearly the entire company to Exchange, it is looking at adding unified messaging. But there are political as well as technical issues involved. Unified messaging systems straddle both worlds and force those disparate groups to work together. So is Layer 4 the next big thing in networking? Well, no, probably not. The only new feature is the attempt to load-balance applications across several servers based on these TCP and UDP ports.

The 64 K system could support only a maximum 2oM-byte hard drive. Problems also occurred behind the scenes, said Raymond Kane, a retail checker at Brewers in Oakville, Ontario.

By contrast, we now have only about two dozen crashes total in stores. Over a period of many months, operational processes were decreased on the mainframe and increased on the distributed systems. We saw clear advantages to both vendors working with us as a single team rather than separately.

We use the Hewlett-Packard systems due to their mission-critical capabilities, high performance and the ability of Hewlett-Packard and BMC Software to put together a solution. To find out why visit us on the Web at: www. BMC Software. Submit your entry by January 23, U S West allows remote users to call up a server on its premises.

It then passes the connections to the Grumman network. PictureTel Corp. Officials at the Tucson, Ariz. Artisoft www. Division at Intel. This allows unprecedented optimization capabilities, such as automated load balancing, cache reallocation, and the rerouting of network traffic.

Inc All rights reve. And the sun. And the stars. But now you’re finding that your relational database acts like a big black hole. Struggle no more. You can now develop transactional applications without the limitations of relational technology. With Cache, the post-relational database, from InterSystems.

Cache provides the performance and scalability needed for complex transaction processing. Unlike “object-relational” products that layer objects onto a relational database engine. Cache incorporates a lightning-fast transactional multidimensional data model and advanced object technology.

In addition, even in backward compatibility mode with SQL for legacy applications, Cache achieves a several- fold improvement in performance and scalability. Call us at – , or visit our website at www. InterSystems Post-Relational Database. New Dimensions of Transactional Performance. According to the San Jose, Calif.

It can be used with a one-port Gigabit Ethernet uplink module. Acclaim Communications www. Zyxel Communications www. Corporate telephone books and Post Office Protocol lists have been incorporated.

Stampede Technologies www. Solaris device drivers. Each adapter fits into a single PCI board slot. Jaycor Networks www. According to the Warrendale, Pa. Fore Systems www. According to the Anaheim, Calif. Louis Poulsen has its production wing based in Denmark, but sales and distribution offices are spread around the world on four continents.

However, when things are not running smoothly, the problems are also obvious. Their first step was to introduce the IBM NetView product for management of their network environment. Now, at any lime, they have instant access to this important information. It is important that our customers have management tools like PATROL that can ensure optimal performance and high availability.

BMC Software, Inc. Data feels just as far away. A two-way loop handles both inbound and outbound data streams simultaneously. And as your storage needs grow, capacity can be increased without taking your systems offline. Bridging the divide Candle Corp.

The new suite also offers the same background spelling and grammar checking, table drawing and interactive helper, called Office Assistant.

Neither help format works on the other browser. To help sort out those issues, Blue Sky Software Corp. RoboHelp 5. The current standard. Will support Windows, Macintosh and some Unix operating systems. The CLC Series and CLC S simplify higher volume demand with such productive features as a print speed of 7 pages per minute and a 2,sheet paper capacity. And with its Automatic Duplexing capabilities, the CLC S makes even the most complex network jobs quick and effortless.

In fact, whatever the network, whatever the source, however your volume demands change, we can make the reality of Canon laser color a reality for your business. Or visit us on the Web at www. You can have high-quality color. Count on it. Canon Laser Color. Its only competition is reality. A mouse click drills down to expose detail. I tested an early beta release of Outlook 98 on a Windows 95 machine; a second beta is scheduled for this month. VCard support automates the exchange of contact information such as telephone numbers and addresses.

Redmond, Wash. You also can control how you view your pending E-mail. A previewing function can display a complete message in a frame instead of a full screen. Cons: Most advanced features may work only with Exchange Server custom workflow routing and tracking rules. He can be reached at hmillman ibm. PC side. For example, Microsoft Corp.

Wold said. English querying was a bit slow and cumbersome for Mengel, who had mastered the standard query software that Amex offered before. Virtual tape uses disk arrays to cache data and then fill tape cartridges so all the tape cassettes in a library are filled.

Sutmyn will expand the disk cache from G bytes to C bytes by January and up to 1. Notebook price cuts Dell Computer Corp. By Tim Ouellette amoco corp. The petroleum giant has installed a Fibre Channel-based network to improve the way NT storage options open up By Tim Ouellette as companies push Windows NT beyond departmental levels, storage vendors are following suit.

For example, Oakland, Calif. But they are still relatively new in the Windows NT server space. Utilization: Which hardware component – CPU, disk or network – is creating a bottleneck?

Were making a big entrance with our Micron NetFRAME enterprise class servers — offering high-performance, high-availability server technology. Call us or visit our Web site today. Users said they feel the loss of choice with the Macintosh demise at Power Computing.

Storage Computer Corp. The Lenexa, Kan. The Piooo has a capacity of 2. That speeds backup by letting users concurrently write backup data across multiple tape drives.

The disk and tape systems started shipping last week. In recent months, Power Computing has reduced its staff from to people. It also sold off most of its Macintosh clone machines and shut down its latest project — making and selling the PowerTrip line of Wintel portables. I recommended it to clients. With companies such as Amoco, the move to Fibre Channel technology is starting to take shape.

From there, Amoco plans to use Fibre Channel to separate storage from the servers and break the bottleneck created when users must go through a specific server to get at data. PepsiCo, Inc. Dynameasure will ship later this month. With ODM the new Deskpro and models will be built to order, so you’ll receive Compaq quality, Compaq innovation, and Compaq reliability at new aggressive prices, more aggressive than you’ve ever seen from the company that sells more computers than anyone else on the planet.

Of course, satisfying your immediate need for value shouldn’t mean sacrificing your ultimate desire for performance. With Deskpro, it doesn’t. Inside you’ll find useful innovations that allow your end users to do more faster. And to keep those costs down once your system is up and running, Deskpro has improved Intelligent Manageability. You’ll be able to manage, monitor, and even take inventory from a single, convenient location. Your desk. So they asked NCR, the world leader in data warehousing, to deliver the goods.

Our NCR Services professionals helped Hallmark address the issue by implementing a gigabyte scalable data warehouse that captures and stores all the point-of-sales data that constantly rolls in from over 16, stores nationwide. Or visit us on the web at www.


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